Sonicare Vs Oral B

sonicare vs oral bWhen it comes to the dental market-place Sonicare vs Oral B is a hot topic. Questions are always being asked such as: Which toothbrush should I get? Which is better? What does each toothbrush offer? The truth is both of these power toothbrushes are equally great, regardless of what expert reviewers tell you. Most reviews are biased in favor of one or the other. Both brands are leaders in their market and have been for several years and there really is no clear winner when it comes to these two brands. It all comes down to user preference on which one a person prefers better. I myself own and use both a Sonicare and Braun power toothbrush. I’m hoping that the overlap between the two toothbrushes will help me with my dental health.

Which Toothbrush is Best for Me?

Let’s take a look at the history and features of both, so you can get a better understanding what each one offers and what makes each unique.

Oral B Braun Toothbrush Review

The Oral B Braun power toothbrush was the first to come to the market as a good electric toothbrush. The brush has a rotary head that is very high quality and oscillates at about thirty degrees back and forth and some of them even pulsate a little bit. It all depends on which model you purchase, because each one has slightly different features. This brush is an excellent scrubber and is extremely safe if used properly to remove unwanted plaque, bacteria, and other harmful particles in between teeth and gums.

The Braun product line features electric toothbrushes such as the 7000, 5000, and 4000. Each of these brushes has its own unique features and accessories. The 7000 for example, comes with six different modes to clean teeth. It also comes with Bluetooth technology which is a first for an oral b electric toothbrush. This all comes with a price of course and all these additional features aren’t necessarily needed to achieve healthy teeth. Oral B replacement heads are all round unlike Sonicare’s brush heads. More people like myself might prefer the rotary round brush heads, because they seem to target each individual tooth better.

Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush Review

Sonicare which is now owned by Phillips came along right after Oral B. This brush uses sound waves which are sonic, not ultra sonic. This brush pulsates at about thirty thousand cycles per minute. It scrubs the teeth using these sound waves. Its major strength is that it gets in-between the gums and helps remove plaque that otherwise cannot be reached.

The Phillips Sonicare product line features brushes such as the Diamondclean, Flexcare Plus, and Flexcare Platinum. The Diamondclean, which is Phillips newest and most popular current brush comes with loads of features and accessories. Five different modes for cleaning give you plenty of options to choose from. It also comes with a quad pacer to beep every thirty seconds for a total of two minutes to make sure you are properly brushing all four quadrants of your mouth. Accessories include a usb charging travel case and charging glass.

Should I Get Oral B or Sonicare Then?


This is a great question and one that has been debated repeatedly over and over again. Personally, I prefer to use both my Sonicare and Braun power toothbrushes. However, ¬†if you are going to use one I’ll tell you what my dentist recommended for me; my dentist recommended using the Oral for people under forty and also for children. The Sonicare on the other hand, more so for adults because of how it feels initially which could be alarming to children, because of the sonic wave effect. ¬†Ultimately the Oral B is easier for both children and adults. Let us put this in a more simple way:

Oral B recommended for:
– people under the age of 40
– kids
– recommended for stain removal

Sonicare recommended for:

– people over the age of 40
– infrequent flosser
– people suffering from gum recession

The Difference Between Electric and Manual?

Manual toothbrushes do not compare to power brushes when it comes to gum care and plaque removal. The power of electric is simply something that you will never be able to achieve with a manual brush. This is especially true with the addition of vibrations and sonic waves that help remove those particles stuck in between teeth that are impossible to sometimes get to. Hopefully this article has been helpful enough and you can now make the right choice for yourself.


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