Soladey Toothbrush: A Revolutionary Hi-Tech Dental Care System

soladey toothbrush

Originally invented in Japan, the Soladey toothbrush is a gift from Dr. Yoshinori Nakagawa. The name comes from merging two words together solar and dental. The expert was aware of the fact that titanium can help generate negative ions when exposed to water and light. Taking advantage of this ionic power, this extraordinary toothbrush was made. It looks similar to an ordinary toothbrush but is uniquely amazing.

While the concept of ionic toothbrushes is not new, the Soladey ionic toothbrush has been evolving to reveal the advancing ionic technology. These toothbrushes are Soladey eco, Soladey 3, and J3X. These toothbrushes do not need batteries or toothpaste, but yet are more effective in removing plague and bacteria than normal toothbrushes. This is because they utilize even light and water, which is just incredible. To find out more information and get real customer feedback go to the link below by clicking on the image.

What the Soladey Toothbrush Can do?

Well, the major goal of any toothbrush is to minimize or remove bacteria and plaque. Bacteria in plaque forms acid by attacking food you eat. This acid is responsible for tooth decay, bad breath, and even critical gum disease. Usually, saliva tends to counteract this action but it does not do so effectively when plaque accommodates. The buildup plays the role of a hurdle to keep away neutralization.

As per several clinical studies, this ionic toothbrush has the power to prohibit such a buildup. By uniting with saliva, it controls as well as alleviates the bacteria causing plaque. This also helps in reducing cavities as well as in stopping bleeding gums, coupled with the cleansing of free electrons that are safe and emitted from the brush.

Your teeth are also bound to look whiter and cleaner, as the brush also takes away the stains and yellowness through its natural but robust photo-electronic cleaning ability.

All these benefits come to you without using any toothpaste, as the ordinary light activates the patented mechanism inside the brush to clean without abrasives.

Worried about the price? Well, these toothbrushes are affordable and durable with sensible care. They only need the economically priced replaceable heads at regular intervals.


How This Brush Actually Works

It comes with a light-activated semiconductor called the titanium rod existing within the handle. When this rod is exposed to a light source such as a bulb, fluorescent light, or even sunlight; the rod that is photo-sensitive turns light into electrons or negatively-charged ions.

The rod then emits these ions, which mixes with the natural saliva to pull positive ions (hydrogen) from the acid in plaque. The acid now neutralizes after which the plaque breaks up, which is a scientific way to a cleaner mouth! The rod generated negatively-charged ions pulling positively-charged ions is the scientific approach.

All you need to do is expose the brush to sunlight or any artificial light and rinse it with water prior to using it. As you use the brush, you continue to get rid of the plaque, stains of tobacco and other challenging stuff, gum bleeding, and bacteria quickly and effectively. This toothbrush also keeps dentures clean and refreshes braces well through its replacement head. Well, this is how the eco version works.

The more modern versions such as Soladey 3 and Soladey J3X harness solar energy to remove plague and other unwanted buildups. For example, the 3 features two parts namely a small solar panel and a Titanium metal rod coupled with a replaceable head with smooth bristles. These parts are involved in an electron reaction. The light from any source is absorbed by the solar panel, which generates electrons. These electrons are transmitted to your teeth via water and a titanium semiconductor.

The J3X also comes with a solar panel sitting at the base but sending electrons to the brush’s top via a lead wire. Both the toothbrushes run with an amount of light required by a solar calculator.

Are There Any Studies or Clinical Trials?

Yes! These trials showed that a Soladey toothbrush works better than normal brushes for discarding plaque. People with bleeding gums reported improvement in just 15 days of its use. The University of Saskatchewan in Canada conducted a two-way crossover trial involving 80 high school children of 13-16 years. The study aimed to compare the effectiveness of Soladey with that of another brush having identical looks but no semiconductor, for plaque removing ability. The subjects used both the brushes for three weeks using some amount of toothpaste. The findings showed better plague discarding ability of the brush.

Similarly, another study was performed at Tokyo’s Nippon Dental University involving 60 dental hygiene female school students. While comparing the effect of Soladey (32 females) with  a conventional toothbrush (28 females) for three weeks, much more improvement in oral cleanliness and gingivitis was found in those who used the ionic brush than the group using a standard brush.


Soladey ionic toothbrushes are reliable for having a healthier and smooth feel just like the one after a dental visit. Initially, the price may seem to be somewhat more than a standard brush, but it proves to be affordable in the long run. This is because you need no batteries, toothpaste, or dental bills.



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