Sonicare Diamondclean – Review


Sonicare DiamondClean

The Sonicare Diamondclean brush is one of Phillips newest electric toothbrushes on the market. Phillips promises this state of the art toothbrush will keep your teeth ultra-white and sparkling clean. Phillips website states that the Diamond Clean features improved technology, today’s newest features, and incredible whitening and plaque removal. The toothbrush is advertised to make your teeth whiter within about a week and reduce five times more plaque than a traditional manual toothbrush. The question is does it really live up to these allegations?

An Inside Look into what the Sonicare Diamond has to Offer

First and foremost, the Phillips Diamond Clean design is simply beautiful. The white ceramic handle is thin and comfortable to hold. The body includes a power button on the front of the handle. A row of mode lights become visible once the brush is turned on. It also includes a battery status indicator which allows you to know when you need to recharge it. The Sonicare Diamond toothbrush is just the right weight which makes it simple to hold. The Sonicare technology uses incredible cleaning action which is both powerful and gentle. It uses an incredible 31,000 brush strokes a minute and rapid vibrations to extract plaque between the teeth and keep the teeth pearly white.

The Sonicare Diamond features two new standard and compact brush heads. The standard brush head features diamond-shaped bristles which help remove stains and plaque. They also clean the teeth thoroughly to give you improved gum health and whiter teeth. The Diamond Clean compact brush head includes the same diamond-shaped bristles that help reach those hard to reach areas in the mouth. They also help remove plaque and improve gum health in as little as one week.

The Diamond comes with a unique glass charging station. It also includes a portable charging travel case that includes a USB and wall plug. The Sonicare Diamondclean uses five different brushing modes. The five different brushing modes: white, polish, clean, gum care, and sensitive allow the user to have several different choices for cleaning. A useful timer provides the user with two minutes of excellent mouth cleaning along with one minute of special cleaning for whitening or massaging the gum lines.

Which is Better Diamond Clean or Flexcare Platinum?

The Sonicare Diamond vs Flexcare is debatable. The Flexcare Platinum is currently priced reasonably compared to the Diamond Clean. The price difference can obviously be a huge factor for most. Let us look at the different features of the Platinum to decide if the price difference is truly warranted. The Platinum has three brushing modes compared to the five the Diamond offers. The Platinum also has three different intensity levels: low, medium, high. This is good for someone who has sensitive teeth and gums, because they can easily work their way up as their teeth and gums gradually get more comfortable with the speeds.

The different brush modes are: clean, white, and gum care. This is sufficient for most users, because clean is what most users are going to use anyway. The Platinum operates for two minutes while brushing just like the Diamond. The battery charge is good for a solid two weeks, which is perfect if you go on a trip. The body style is just as elegant as the Diamondclean, but doesn’t offer the innovative light-up button display. The Sonicare Platinum instead has three different buttons: power on, mode, and speed. Some might actually prefer the buttons to the light-up display. This pretty much sums up the features of the Platinum.

In my opinion, if you don’t mind spending extra then get the Phillips Sonicare Diamond just for the features. If you’re looking for a solid brush that will improve your gums and whiten your teeth without as many features. Then I would definitely get the Sonicare Platinum.

Overall Thoughts

The Sonicare Diamond is quite expensive, but overall it is an excellent electric toothbrush. Most high-end toothbrushes are expensive, because of their many features and advanced cleaning modes. This brush has everything you need and much more. Five different brushing modes give you plenty of brushing options to choose from. The accessories, such as the travel case charger and creative glass charger are very convenient. The body style with the innovative light-up display is very elegant. The new diamond shaped brush heads add tremendous value to one’s oral health. I suggest you look into getting this brush if you love high-end features and a variety of cleaning modes. I am sure you will not regret it!