The Revolutionary HYG Ionic Toothbrush – Review


ionic toothbrushThis revolutionary ionic toothbrush is a portable plague remover. It works scientifically to discard that unwanted plaque and bacteria on teeth without electrical or manual power. Luckily, it is proving to be an effective tool against plaque, aiming to guard your gums and teeth strongly between dental visits. Some of the well known versions are the HYG ionic toothbrush, Soladey, and Dr Tung.

Everybody knows regular brushing is the first step to healthy teeth and gums. Regular brushing removes the left over junk from surfaces and keeps decay away, but what about those hard to reach areas of the mouth where the bristles do not reach? If you do not remove unwanted particles from those areas, plaque accumulation can result and turn into gum disease and tooth decay. However, with this specific titanium brush, this accumulation is stopped before it even begins. The revolutionary mechanism reaches even those hard to reach places such as crevices and cracks between teeth. Get more info such as user reviews by clicking on the image below!

The Scientific Principle: Understanding Ionic Brushes

It is a known fact that everything in this materialistic world is composed of atoms. Atoms get attracted to each other according to their particles’ charge. For instance, particles with a positive charge are attracted to negative electrons for bonding. Similarly, in our mouth, the surface of teeth is negatively charged, while the plague and bacteria carry a positive charge. This is why the latter stick very quickly to the teeth’s surface.

A titanium toothbrush, such as the HYG toothbrush and Dr Tung toothbrush, reverses this relation of polarity through a constant influx of positive ions. This is based on the principle that like particles repel each other. In simple terms, positive particles cannot unite with other positively charged ones, which means that the influx makes the positively charged bacteria and plaque repel.

Want to Know More About the Science Behind This Brush?

This unique toothbrush breaks up the sticky relationship of plaque and teeth. It moves the plaque to its bristles to ensure full removal. When you put such a toothbrush in your mouth, it adds a stream of positively charged ions to the teeth’s surface. This results in loosening of the positively charged particles on your teeth.

You start by pressing the titanium metal plate on the toothbrush’s handle, which is linked to a titanium rod (on the product’s head) releasing positively charged ions. In addition, the surface of teeth temporarily alters the polarity to positive, additionally repelling the plaque.

The blend of bristles moving across the teeth and through the saliva creates a negative electronic circuit. This circuit makes the bristles carry a negative charge, which attracts the positively charged plaque and bacteria from positively charged teeth. The bristles, in this way, remove all plague by employing the law of attraction and friction rather than depending only on friction like the conventional toothbrushes.

Without the negatively charged surface of bristles, bacteria and plaque cannot go anywhere, except back to the tooth when the positively charged ions go away. Well, this is another good feature of the toothbrush.

The Overall Effectiveness of the Ionic System: The After-use Benefits

Apart from plague and bacteria, using this brush also helps in removing the positively charged stains on the tooth. This is likely to give you a whiter smile than a friction-based toothbrush.

Further, ions can even prevent gum disease, bad breath, discoloration, and cavities, which are the major symptoms of plague. According to studies and other reports, the ions are capable of reaching even the most difficult to access areas affected by plague, which a regular toothbrush cannot reach.

Yes, you still need to floss and rinse your teeth daily. However, with a titanium dioxide toothbrush, you will be spending less time flossing and still have a healthier mouth. Dr. Tung’s toothbrush makes much less noise than a conventional toothbrush, but still successfully discards 48% more plaque.

Further, there is no need for you to look for an electric outlet or an adapter for using the brush when traveling. Similarly, you don’t have to charge ionic toothbrushes due to them not requiring a charge at all.

Using a Titanium Toothbrush

Usually, there is no need to use toothpaste. If you wish to, you can use it with the normal brush, hiss with water, and then use the toothbrush. Still, the latter removes the bacteria and thick plague from even the oral cavity efficiently without toothpaste apart from neutralizing the mouth acid. Rather, it is suggested not to use toothpaste, as it might change the ionic activity of the brush. Here are the steps to use an ionic brush:

  • Ensure that the battery is working (is charged).
  • Use warm water to moisten the bristles.
  • Wet your fingers and place them on the titanium plate placed around the handle.
  • Brush systematically in small circles and massage the gum line.


The ionic brush is truly a hassle-free and reliable product for better plaque removal than the existing oral care system. It is also not a costly affair to purchase one. However, I suggest reading ionic toothbrush reviews from other users of the brush before buying a specific model, as there are a few varieties such as the HYG and Soladey brush.


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