Sonicare FlexCare Plus – Review

Flexcare PlusWhen it comes to Phillips toothbrushes Sonicare Flexcare Plus is ranked amongst the greatest. Phillips brushes are one brand most recommended by dentists. They offer excellent results along with amazing features that are unmatchable. The only other electric brushes that can compete with Sonicare are Oral-B electric toothbrushes. One of Phillip Sonicare’s most notable toothbrushes is the Flexcare Plus. A detailed review of its features can be found below.

What Makes the Flexcare Special?


The Sonicare Flexcare Plus is powered by patented sonic technology that sends thirty-one thousand brush strokes per minute to your teeth. It features five different brushing modes. These modes are clean, refresh, sensitive, massage, and gum care mode. Gum care mode is advertised to improve your gums and maintain them in as little as two weeks. It is also known to reduce swelling, gum bleeding, and put a stop to gum recession. This is excellent for those that are seeking to improve their overall gum health.

The next great feature is the contoured brush head, which is comparable to traditional manual toothbrush heads. It removes plaque with ease along the gum lines and up to two times more plaque than a regular toothbrush would. The kit only includes one contoured brush head, which is a drawback, but they are rated to last about six months.

The brush vibrates strongly to help get all that unwanted plague out of the teeth, but for those with delicate gums, a sensitive setting is included. A built-in timer is also included to aid in switching brushing quadrants in order to notify you once you’ve completed your two minutes of brushing properly.

The brush kit includes one pro results contoured brush head, a deluxe charger plus mini travel case charger, and one hygienic travel cap.


sonicare flexcare plusSonicare Flexcare vs Flexcare Plus


Buyers may get confused when researching these two models. These two models seem to be very similar, but in reality, have significant differences that separate them apart. One significant difference right off the bat is the price range between the two. The Sonicare Flexcare Plus is about thirty dollars more expensive than the Flexcare. The Plus comes with a UV sterilizer that holds two brush heads. The Plus also comes with five different brushing modes, as opposed to three modes and two cleaning routines. A detailed description of the different modes can be found below.

Flexcare Plus Modes

Gum Care – A full clean plus full care clean along the gum lines
Clean – A full clean that will make your mouth feel fresh
Sensitive – Easy on the gums and teeth
Refresh – A routine clean between regular brushings for touch up
Massage – Stimulates the gums

Flexcare Modes

Clean – A full clean that will keep your mouth feeling fresh
Sensitive – Easy on the gums and teeth
Massage – Stimulates the gums
Go Care – Works exactly like Refresh
Max Care – Works exactly like Gum Care

Sonicare Flexcare Plus vs Diamondclean


When it comes to the Sonicare Flexcare toothbrush and the Sonicare Diamondclean there are several differences that separate them from one another.

The design of the Diamondclean is considered slick and classy, while the Plus is considered simple. The Diamond Clean also comes with an exquisite travel case and an interesting rinsing cup that features a built-in charger. Users can conveniently place the toothbrush inside the cup to recharge it after gargling and brushing. The Plus, on the other hand, includes a regular charger and a mini travel case charger that neatly wraps inside with simplicity. Both have five different brushing modes. The only difference is that the Diamond features a polish mode instead of the massage mode the Flexcare features. This can be useful to some users and not so much to others.

The most important issue separating these Sonicare brushes is the price range. The Diamond is a little pricey while the Plus is still within some people’s budget. This can definitely have a huge impact on a buyer’s decision on which one to go with. Both toothbrushes are excellent at what they are meant to do, but in the end, it comes down to user preference and how much someone is willing to spend.



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