Sonicare Flexcare Platinum – Review

Flexcare Platinum

Some people argue that Oral-B brushes are the best, while others argue Sonicare brushes are the best, such as the Sonicare Flexcare Platinum. The point is that both of these electric toothbrushes have their differences, but both are also solid choices. Figuring out which one to choose can be a tad difficult and all that depends on price tag, features, and personal preference.

If you are looking to get an excellent product that will last long, clean your teeth well, keep your gums healthy, and save you visits to the dentist office, you will definitely end up spending a decent amount of money. When choosing which brush to get, you will notice that there are several different features between the Oral-B and Phillips brushes. These features include different modes, body styles, brush heads, etc. If you end up choosing the Sonicare Flexcare Platinum, for example, you will be getting yourself a top of the line product with a variety of features.

Reasons Why People Prefer The Phillips Sonicare Platinum?


The Sonicare Flexcare Platinum has a beautiful body design that has that wow factor. The toothbrush itself feels very light and comfortable in your hand. All of the buttons on the Phillips brush sync in very well with the overall design of the toothbrush. The controls can be used with ease, because of their simplicity. The controls include three buttons, an on/off, intensity, and a mode button. The mode button includes three different settings, which are gum care, clean, and white. The Phillips Sonicare Platinum also features an intense pressure sensor that will let you know when you are pressing too hard on your teeth. Remember, you only have to apply light pressure and the brush will take care of the rest for you.

Other Reasons to Consider the Brush 


The brushing experience of the toothbrush is just phenomenal. When you first use it, you’ll know exactly why you just overspent on a toothbrush. The brush will leave your mouth feeling amazing. Your teeth will feel extremely clean and your gums will feel superb. A regular toothbrush does not compare to the feeling you will achieve after first using a Sonicare brush for the first time. Another reason to consider buying the Phillips is for its charging base. The charging slash storage base is an excellent complement to everything else this toothbrush has to offer. It is compact enough to perfectly fit in the bathroom, without taking up too much space. An additional feature of the charging base is that it can conveniently be used for travel and the plastic travel case it comes with can be used to store the charger, brushes, and brush handle.

How Does Flexcare Platinum Compare to the Diamond and Flexcare+?


Sonicare Flexcare Platinum reviews suggest this brush as being top notch and can go head to head with the very best power toothbrushes on the market. Customer reviews also suggest the toothbrush as being one of Phillips most premium toothbrushes. One of the differences between the Platinum, Plus, and Diamond are the amount of brushing modes each one has. The Flexcare has three, while both the Diamond and Flexcare+ each have five. Another difference is the price range between all three electric toothbrushes.

The Diamond is currently priced high, while the Plus is currently priced within most people’s budget. Then you have this toothbrush right in the middle of it all. The Diamond and Plus brushes don’t feature the new InterCare brush heads. These brush heads are more recent and feature a new style that does an excellent job of reaching in between the teeth and scooping all that unwanted plaque out. These can also easily be purchased for the Diamond and Plus, but you will definitely have to pay extra for them.

Are There Any Downsides? 


The Sonicare Flexcare Platinum is currently a tad expensive to a majority of people, but with all the benefits the product has to offer you can’t go wrong! Another downside is keeping the product clean, which can be a challenge if it is used on a constant basis. The last downside, which isn’t really that bad, but may get annoying is the on/off button. In order to turn the brush off you have to either hold the off button for a few seconds or press it three times.

We recommend the Sonicare Flexcare Platinum for its features, brushing experience, and customer reviews. It can be found at many retail stores, as well as many online web stores. Don’t be in a rush to buy a power toothbrush though. I highly recommend looking around and reading several articles before making your final decision.


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