Oral B 3000 – Review

oral b 3000 review

If you are looking to pick up an electronic toothbrush on a budget then the oral b pro 3000 is the toothbrush for you based on this oral b 3000 review you are about to read. Sure, it is still pricey, but not as pricey as some of the other electric toothbrushes on the market. Let us take a closer look at what the oral b professional 3000 has to offer.

Benefits of the Oral B 3000

This product is advertised to remove around 97% of plaque from tough areas to reach with a manual toothbrush. It is also helpful at preventing and reversing gingivitis. The oral b 3000 electric brush is advertised to improve whiteness in teeth in as little as 21 days. When you brush too hard the pressure sensor will kick in and stop pulsations to the teeth to prevent any complications. This electric toothbrush comes with three simple modes that include: whitening, daily clean, and sensitive.

Newcomers to an electronic toothbrush may have to make the adjustment from using a manual one, but it isn’t too hard. Once your teeth get used to using it you’ll love it! The oral b pro 3000 is similar to the toothbrush your local dentist may use. It has round heads that are specially designed to clean each tooth separately. Lastly, the pro 3000 offers an oral b 3000 pro timer, which buzzes to let you know when to brush the next quadrant in your mouth, usually every thirty seconds.

Pros and Cons of the Oral B 3000

Hopefully this oral b 3000 review has given you enough information about the benefits of the 3000. Now let us take a look at both pros and cons.

The Pros:

Cleans Very Well: The oral 3000 power toothbrush cleans your mouth exceptionally well. Removes around 97 percent of the plague in your mouth, which leads to healthier teeth and prevents gingivitis, cavities, etc.

Three Different Brushing Modes: Three useful modes are included with this brush. You have a daily mode for everyday cleaning. A whitening mode to help you achieve healthier whiter teeth within a few weeks. Lastly you have a sensitive mode for people that have sensitive teeth. The brush operates at minimum speed to slowly brush the gums and teeth.

Accessories: The braun professional care 3000 comes with a charger base that holds up to four toothbrush heads, which is very useful especially if there are a few people in your household that use an electric toothbrush.

The Cons:

Older Brush: This electric toothbrush is much older than some of the newer models on the market, so it doesn’t come with as many fancy accessories and modes, but then it also doesn’t cost as much either.

Battery Life: Unlike some of the newer products on the market this brushes battery life doesn’t last as long. Usual battery life is around a week.

The oral b 3000 toothbrush does all the work for you. You simply wet the brush, put toothpaste on it, turn it on, and watch it clean your mouth by simply guiding it while it does the rest. Hopefully you have learned enough information so far in this oral b 3000 review, but let’s go a little further and stack it up against another similar newer brush.

Oral B 3000 VS 5000

How is the oral b 3000 vs 5000 different and similar? First, let us go over the similarities. Both toothbrushes use the same technology, which is rated to remove almost one hundred percent of plaque. Another similarity is battery life, even though the oral b 5000 slightly edges the 3000 by lasting three days longer. It lasts ten days as opposed to the 3000’s seven, as this oral b 3000 review mentioned earlier. Lastly, both brushes come with a pressure sensor to allow users to know when to stop brushing too hard. The difference between both toothbrushes include different modes. The 5000 includes all the modes plus a massage mode and deep clean. It also has a smart guide for brushing and information. The pro 5000 smart series is also the first oral b toothbrush to use Bluetooth technology. Finally, the pro 5000 comes with a travel case for convenience. Based on the similarities and differences, I would personally go with a oral b 5000, but the 3000 does just fine also.

Overall Opinion about the Braun Oral B 3000 Electric Toothbrush


This toothbrush is an excellent choice, because it checks off all the important boxes. I believe this brush is great for those that have never used an electric toothbrush before and are interested in using one for the first time. Hopefully this oral b 3000 review has given you a better understanding of what this brush has to offer and makes your choice of what to get easier.




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